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              T's Sweets & Treats
Welcome to T's Sweets & Treats!

I'm Terri, the mind behind the Big Yellow Truck's success, formerly known as Chicago Taste & More. After six amazing years on wheels, we're not disappearing – just changing lanes.

Get ready for a fresh journey of delectable delights and unforgettable tastes. From the Big Yellow Truck to T's Sweets & Treats, I'm thrilled to keep serving up joyous flavors and heartwarming moments.

Stay tuned for more sweetness and innovation. Let's make every bite a delightful memory together!

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Loaded Bomber Fries

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Wow it's been a long time since I had one of those Chicago Dogs, will definitely be back



Thank you guys for serving in our community for Food Truck Friday in McKinney, our family loved the food can't wait till you come back



Thanks for serving at my Gun Show in Lewisville, great crowd turnout and the customers loved the food.  We will have you back



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